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What have we been doing since the Stay at Home order

Its been 63 days since I decided to close the salon, just a few days before they announced closures. We are grateful AF for the several guests who were able showed up in support via sharing our updates or reviewing us on Google & Facebook, prepaying for future visits, or even purchasing retail that we had delivered to their doors. We will never forget how you came through for us during this (I'm beginning to hate this word so much that I want it on a t-shirt) unprecedented time.

When we first decided to close, I met up at the salon with our team to walk them though our

The Creative Color Class where I did my own hair to demo for the team.

decision to close. We discussed what they would need from us to support them through this time & how we could continue their education. Since closing, our team has stayed connected via twice a week Zoom meetings, where we continued their apprentice education & gave them challenges to help them continue to grow, even with our doors closed. Because of this, they are able to start taking guests at their Apprentice rate through August. If there was ever a time to get acquainted with a new hairdresser its now. Give their Instagram pages a follow to see what they have been up to the last several weeks!

Ashey- @ashjhairstylist Brittany- @beechhaircraft .

How am I doing? I cried through most of the first few weeks, my only highlights being our team calls, connecting with family + Steph via FaceTime, and Kevin being home a little more, as he was still considered essential. Then, I dove into TikTok hard, a rabbit hole for days lol. I have learned how to bake bread, make pierogies, and properly store, preserve, or regrow most of my produce. I've created a few new design changes to the salon before we open. Several of our salon plants had plant babies, that I have been caring for at home. Now, I am running out of things to paint, plant, or prep for our return.

Its been a roller coaster of uncertainty, but I am grateful that we are able to have a better

Pink Accent wallk are everywhere!

understanding of what is expected of us when we return to the salon. I'm not going to lie it has been a huge trigger to my anxiety, in addition to the general well-being of everyone, and facebook's constant circus of... I'm sure you're aware. State Board has taken their time to get information out to salons, most of which coming just days before the go ahead. This past week we spent out video class on the new policies and procedures we will be adopting into our daily routines at the salon. Ultimately, we decided to remain closed for a couple weeks past the initial open date given by the Governor to assess how other salons are approaching the return, to ensure that we have all the right stuff to keep everyone who enters Nevermore as safe as possible, and to take time to prepare -& yes pamper- our staff before we open for we take appointments.

We'll be posting another Blog this coming week, breaking down what to expect during your future visit at nevermore & what we are doing behind the scenes to keep every one as safe as we can.

Your's until the hair dyes,



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