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Starting yesterday, May 25th, guests who had appointments begun to hear from us to rebook. Its going to take a few day to get through everyone, so please have patience. June 2nd, we're hoping to be calling those who did not have an appointment, but wanted on a wait-list to get their claim on appointments before we open online booking again. With everything gearing up for us to open on the second, we wanted to walk you through what your next visit may look like and hopefully calm, at least some, anxiety you may -or may not- have around coming into the salon.

After, consulting with your hairdresser on what services you'll need at your next visit, we will get your appointment on the calendar and you will receive a reminder via text or email 3 days prior and again 24 hours before your visit. Please keep in mind, your ticket may be higher than normal as your "Root Touch-up" may now qualify as an All-Over "Color", your "Mini-Bleach" may now be a Partial or even a Full, etc. You will receive a separate wellness check form via email & text the day before, this must be filled out before your visit. Cash & Checks will no longer be accepted at Nevermore. Though our cancellation policy will be waived for this time, our No Call/ No Show policy remains unaffected. Further details on "no call/no show" policy for the salon can be found on our FAQ & Policies page

When you arrive, we ask that you text the salon ( 1.440.295.5950 ) or dm your stylist to let us know you've arrived. We will respond when we're ready for you to enter. We'll confirm your wellness form, remind you to only bring in necessary items such as keys, form of payment, & phone ( bags & coats will not be permitted at this point.) & to put on you mask before coming inside. Again, cash will no longer be accepted. Masks are mandatory in the salon. If you don't have one, or do not want to risk yours accidentally getting colored, bleached, wet, or possibly snipped, we will have disposable masks available for purchase at $3/mask+tax. As you enter, hugs, handshakes, & high-fives will be replaced with excited waves and having your temperature checked -which makes me sad too, but its the new way to show we care. If you prefer to use one of our masks or did not bring your own, you'll receive a mask at the door. We'll have everyone wash their hands before sitting down at your stylist's station. We that ask you have patience as we will be going above and beyond with our cleaning every step of the way & it definitely slows down our normal appointment timings.

We will not be offering Make-up, Waxing, Hand & Arm massages, or "On-Location" event services during this time. We've decided to close our coffee bar as well. We promise to let you know as soon as we are able to phase these back in. If you decide you need to bring a drink, please make sure it has a lid on it. There will be even more hand sanitizer throughout the salon than usual, for everyone to use. We are spacing our appointments to ensure we always have enough time to keep up with everything. You're stylist will have disinfected their entire area before you enter, leaving a note of cleanliness after every disinfection. Disinfection happens asap after a guest leaves an area. At the shampoo bowl, we'll double up protection w/face-shields for the stylist and fresh fluffy towels protecting you & our shampoo chairs.


Apprentice, Brittany @BeechHairCraft, will begin taking guests as we return! If you are in need of an appointment sooner than I can get you in or your beauty budget isn't what it used to be, she's your girl. If you're new or already a fan of Brittany's and would like to be in her chair, DM her on Facebook or Instagram @beechhaircraft.

We'll finish up your appointment by going over what you may need to take home. We're sure you're running low -if not already out- of your favorite products from Nevermore. Your stylist will bring over any products you decide to take home and handle your check out right at their chair. You can opt for a completely contactless check out by paying with your phone. Otherwise, you'll need to sign a screen with a sanitized stylus. Finally, we'll encourage you to pre-book. Our books are filling faster than ever & we want to make sure you get the perfect appointment time for your schedule. As long as you're comfortable, we'll close the appointment by getting some after shots of your refreshed or new look.

Optional: Feel free to hit up the hand sanitizer on your way out, and share your experience with us via review or recommendation on Google, Facebook, or Instagram.

We hope this helps you feel at ease when coming back to Nevermore Salon & Studios. If you have any suggestions on what more we could be doing or if you need special accommodations due to being high risk please e-mail me via megan@nevermoremol.com .

til the hair dyes,


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