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Service Name


Starting cost

Cuts & Styles

Shampoo Style

Shampoo, Blowdry, & Style.


Haircut ONLY

CAN be booked as a stand alone appointment or as an Add-On with any additional Hair service. Includes a hair cut. Yup, just a cut.


The Nevermore Haircut

Haircut, Shampoo, Blow-dry.


Color Alchemy

Root Touch-up (up to 1")

Includes Coverage up to 1" Regrowth, Shampoo, & Blow-dry



Includes Roots, Ends-refresh, Shampoo, & Blow-dry



Includes Toner, Shampoo, & Blow-dry


Creative Color

Pulp Riot Semi-permanent application, Cleansing Conditioner, & Blowdry.

PLEASE NOTE!!! This service does not include lightening, just a vivid color overlay.


*56 if booked w/ Bleach Service


Artificial Color Extractor

(added onto other Color or Bleachin' Services)

Clarify, Extract (existing artificial color), & Shampoo 



Get a taste of brightness with a Mini Bleach service Includes 1/2 scoop of lightener, Shampoo, Blow-dry, Style

*Toner is NOT included


Partial Bleach

Includes 1 scoop of Lightener, Toner, Shampoo, Blow-dry, Style


Full Bleach

Includes 2 scoops of Lightener, Toner, Shampoo, Blow-dry & Style


SERVICE Enhancers

At the end of your service you may see an A, P, S, or LG added on to your ticket. Since everyone's hair is different certain services are customized for the individual.  The prices listed above reflects the average base $ for each service. 


A= Additional Application required. aka foils/extra color or bleach mixed/above average processing time. +$15 per bowl mixed or 15-30 minutes extra


P= Additional Processing Time required.  Often needed for more stubborn grey coverage, Highlift Colors and larger jumps during a Bleaching process. +$15 per 15-30 minutes added.


S= Additional Styling Time required. While a Blow dry included in most services, additional time maybe required for more complex styles, styling lessons, and/or for longer/thicker hair types. +$25 per 15-30 minutes.


LG= Late Guest. If you're more than 10 minutes late to your visit and we do not have to reschedule it, there will be an additional late fee added to your ticket. +$25/15 minutes

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